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Main Points Of Ideal Date With Russian Women

Russianvideochat.com is amazing dating platform that allows not only to communicate with girls online, but also to learn a lot of useful tips how to make a successful date.

The main problem of dating is that the guys try so hard to impress the girl that they forget about the fundamentals of the relationship between a man and a woman. They model their behavior, based on the situations shown in the movies and described in the books. But let’s be honest: not everyone can realize such frank pick-up scenarios in life. Instead, it is worth remembering the classical steps that for generations melt females’ hearts and give hope to a strong half of humanity. Our portal russiavideochat.com presents the main tips for you.

  1. Regularly write her messages. Send simple emails and messages. Do not describe your feelings in every letter, be polite, kind, but at the same time remain courageous. Do not unsubscribe too often, so that she does not take your attention as something constant. One message per day will be enough: send words of gratitude for a pleasant evening, if you’ve met recently, or just wish her good luck and have a good day in the morning.
  2. Listen to her. In general, most men do an excellent job with the task of the listener, but the problem is that they become attentive and responsive listeners only when they are really interested in a woman. Remember, most attempts to nod and agree to all the replicas of the companion will be immediately exposed.
  3. Many guys are so nervous on the first date that they forget one simple truth – the girls are looking for easy and pleasant communication, and do not interview for the role of the future head of the family. Tell a funny story from your life, share a recently heard joke, and try to play it kindly. Make her sincerely laugh, and you will certainly make an impression on her!

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  1. Ask questions. Most of the unsuccessful dates happen due to a very long and too awkward silence between two people who have not yet found common topics for conversation. Instead of thinking about what to talk about, ask her about something, and the more unusual and tricky the question, the better the conversation will be. Ask her what she would do if she is locked in a room that is getting smaller and smaller, which three items would take her to an uninhabited tropical island, or, if she were place of Sansa Stark, would she knock Joffrey off the castle wall? The subsequent fascinating conversation is guaranteed to you!
  2. It’s hard to say why guys smile much less than girls. Perhaps, the guys think that this gesture will make them less courageous, or that a smile is a female privilege. Honestly, in situations where everything is slipping, a smile and cheerful spirit can only be kept by a truly strong person. Show the whole world and your beloved that you are proud and happy to be with her. Do not turn into one of those couples who constantly show dissatisfaction with their partner in public.
  3. Non standard dates. Depart from the concept of a joint dinner and invite a girl to hike! Gather a group of friends and go on a weekend to the sea along with your new passion. Arrange a two-day movie marathon, go to meet the dawn on the roof, call her in the morning to the pool. Down with the monotonous trips to places of catering!

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  1. Be gentleman. Most men bet on gentlemanly behavior on their first date. However, only those who never forget about courtesy and good-order rules take the jackpot. A real man knows that it is enough to hold the door or help to put on a coat to get a flirtatious smile in response from almost any female person.
  2. Offer to pay the dinner. More and more modern girls prefer to pay for their portion of food or entertainment. Nevertheless, offer to pay for it: on the one hand it will not be pressure, as if you insisted, and on the other hand, she will understand that you just want to show human care and attention to her.
  3. Do compliments. There is nothing more touching and pleasant for a girl than a sincere compliment. And remember, ladies do not always want to listen to praises only about their appearance. If she is a master in her profession, she has a good sense of humor just tell her that you are delighted.
  4. Kiss her. If your date was wonderful, and you used at least half of our advice, do not hesitate and kiss her goodbye. The fulfillment of this “ritual” is almost entirely up to you.